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All heads such as Female heads, Male heads and Animal heads can be bought in NuYu. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1. Go to NuYu Entrance on Orchid Street. Left click the NuYu door then select “Pass through” to go in.


Step 2. Now  you are in the 1st floor of NuYu. To go to the second floor where the heads are located, left click the "stairs"  and select “pass through”.


Step 3. To go to Female Heads click anywhere and select "Go that way". For Male Heads "Go this way". And for Animal Heads click the door and select "pass through".

Step 4. To buy heads simply click the “Heads Vendo ” . A pop-up will appear then click on “View next item” or “View previous item” to view,  select your desired head then click on “Buy this item” to buy. You can also view heads all at once in a machine by selecting “display contents”.

Step 5. Next, click the head that you are holding and a pop-up will appear. Click “wear head” to put it on. Click your old head and select “put into” to put it in your pocket.


Video Tutorial:

You've done it!

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